“On your worst day, be your best self…” {Greenville Mississippi Photographer, Americana in Mississippi}


Every once in a while I have a night that reminds me why I’ve fallen in love with the Mississippi Delta. Last night was one of those nights. If you know me, you know that I love music- all kinds of music and I’m especially drawn to things that are a little off the beaten path. When we heard that Rambling Steve Gardner and the Jericho Road Show were coming to Mississippi on the Americana in Mississippi tour, we went to Google to see what it was about and man were we intrigued. Rarely do we get a night out to listen to music any more, but we felt like this was a must see and we were right. It was an amazing show full of homemade percussion instruments, lively music, great banter and just one of those nights that you know why you live here in the Delta. How can you not enjoy a concert that includes saws, bottle caps nailed to a board, and a washboard (and they actually sounded amazing)!!! If you have the chance to check out any of the other stops on the tour for this show, GO!! I dare you to try to sit still…..you cant!!!  Check out the other dates here: http://www.visitmississippi.org/americana/

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