“In a Mississippi Cotton Pickin Delta Town…….” {Mississippi Family Photographer}


It’s that time of year again, Christmas picture time!!! Which also happens to be my favorite time of the year but it’s also my most frustrating because I struggle between over sharing people’s Christmas pictures and hiding the best ones so that they will be unique and new on their cards. This is a short post because I’m only sharing the pictures that I THINK they won’t be using on their cards…..hope I’m guessing right!!! I want everyone to be able to send their cards out and have people go “wow, that’s a great picture!” not “meh, I’ve seen that all over the internet already!”

So here’s a peek at what I did hanging out with the Granberry family in the cotton a few days ago! They are recent transplants from North Carolina and we are sooo happy to have them here in the Delta! Oh and did I mention they are NC State fans? My husband is a HUGE NC State fan so we got along pretty well.

“In a Mississippi cotton pickin’ Delta town, one dusty street to walk up and down. Nothin’ much to see but a starvin’ hound in a Mississippi cotton pickin’ Delta town” ~Charlie Pride……….. outside of cotton this song really has nothing to do with these pictures BUT I love this song and I’ve wanted to use it for a long time!!!


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