“The sweetest devotion hit me like an explosion…..”{Mississippi Family Photographer}


The sweetest devotion hitting me like an explosion. All of my life, I’ve been frozen. The sweetest devotion I’ve known. I’ll forever be whatever you want me to be. I’ll go under and all over for your clarity. When you wonder if I’m gonna lose my way home, just remember, that come whatever, I’ll be yours all alone.”~Adele “Sweetest Devotion”

This past weekend I went to see Adele. Up until I heard her explain this song, I honestly had no idea that it was about meeting her child for the first time. I always thought “oh, what a nice song to sing to your partner” but once she explained it, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I think every mom experiences that moment when they meet their child for the first time. It’s probably the most powerful thing we can experience in life. And the Ayers family got to experience it twice! How amazing is that! (see what I did there!)

I got to enjoy a Sunday afternoon a couple weeks ago at my neighbor’s house getting to know them and their family. Their girls are just adorable and their house is amazing. Congrats again, Ayers family!!!!

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