“Dream sweet dreams for me…….” {Mississippi Newborn Photographer}



Close your eyes and I’ll close mine. Good night, sleep tight. Now the moon begins to shine. Good night, sleep tight. Dream sweet dreams for me“~The Beatles

I swore I wouldn’t bring any of my election opinions over into my business but sometimes things get really personal. I think we all had opinions for both sides and we all felt strongly about those opinions. No matter who won or lost, someone had to lose. That’s how life works. But in the end, babies are being born, the sun is rising and setting and we all have to live together. We all have to show love to each other because of babies like this one. They need to grow up in a place where they see love and compassion no matter who the president is. Make the world a better place for everyone, just be a good and kind person and be the example these babies need. Ok that’s my political/no choosing sides publicly opinion.

I got to hang out with this adorable and perfect little man last week and looking at his pics makes me smile. Congratulations to the Southall family and thank you for giving me hope for our future and hope for our country because babies are good and I vote for babies 🙂


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