“You’re my little girl……” {Mississippi Infant Photographer}


You’re beautiful baby, from the outside in. Chase your dreams but always know the road that will lead you home again. Go on, take on this old world, but to me you know you’ll always be my little girl…”~Tim McGraw

Every single time I step into the home of first time parents, I’m immediately taken back in time to those first days at home with my daughter. The strange and wonderful world of trying to navigate a new role as a parent. My goal from the moment I step into your door is to capture every aspect of the new baby so that those sleepless gaps in your memory are filled in. When my daughter was so tiny and helpless and we stood there trying to solve the mysteries of a newborn I swore I’d never forget anything about her but just as those stressful, sleepless nights are forgotten, some of those amazing details about her are a bit hazy. I take a ton of detail shots- feet, hands, ears, hair, lips, etc. It’s amazing the changes they go through in that first year and to have something to look back on is priceless.

I first met Lauren and Brian at their gender reveal party earlier this year. They were surrounded by tons of friends and family. The love in the room for them was very obvious and I just know that little Amelia is also surrounded by that love. They are already both such loving and kind parents. It really was a privilege to hang out with them. Ikerd family, I wish you all the best!!!!


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