“Baby you’re my sunshine…..” {Mississippi Wedding Photographer}


Baby, you’re my sunshine, first light find your way to places that only know lies. Failed tries and bruised skies with hardly time to hold on or be strong. Now I’m strong cause like the dawn you push it all away. I tell ya, you’re my sunshine, everybody needs a little sunshine……”~Steve Azar

Honestly I don’t know if I could come up with the words to describe how magical Billy & Lacey’s wedding was yesterday. After a winter of no cold weather, we had rain AND cold yesterday but these two didn’t miss a beat. They carried sunshine with them the whole time and it was infectious. Their love for each other was and is so obvious. I am privileged to have been a part of such a special moment in their lives.

I wanted to get a preview up before they left town for their honeymoon… these are just a small snippet of so many amazing moments yesterday.

I wanted to start with some dancing in the rain  because these pictures legit made me do a happy dance yesterday when I was taking them:


And now the story begins……


CONGRATULATIONS Mr. & Mrs. Brozovich!


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