“You are so beautiful……” {Mississipi Delta Photographer}

Fisher Weissinger 6 Month-21

You’re everything I hope for, you’re everything I need. You are so beautiful to me…”~Joel Cocker

My business was strictly families and children for several years but this past year I’ve gotten back into weddings. Everything has taken off with the wedding side of my business and really left very little time for family sessions. This summer I’ve decided to offer Tuesday and Thursday morning sessions at a discounted price. You can get your Christmas pictures out of the way (or just update the frames on your walls), have a laid back summer session, and save a little money.

When Fisher’s mama told me she wanted some 6 month pictures of him, I jumped at the chance to photograph this beautiful baby again. He’s grown so much since his newborn pictures. I absolutely can not get over how gorgeous (and easy going) he is! Big brother wasn’t around that day but I LOVE the idea of a younger sibling getting the spotlight all to themselves for pictures every once in a while.

Try to browse this session and not smile. I dare you 🙂

Fisher Weissinger 6 Month-5

Fisher Weissinger 6 Month-17

Fisher Weissinger 6 Month-13

Fisher Weissinger 6 Month-19

Fisher Weissinger 6 Month-32

Fisher Weissinger 6 Month-33

Fisher Weissinger 6 Month-39

Fisher Weissinger 6 Month-45

Fisher Weissinger 6 Month-54

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