“Just listen to the song on the breeze……” {Destination family photographer}

“Just listen to the song on the breeze, that’s just the universe on the cottonwood leaves. I’m gonna sit right here under this tree. Sit right here under this tree and just be…..”~Walt Wilkins

It’s hard for me to wrap my brain around these mini sessions being some of the last ones I will do in the delta. I’m trying to enjoy every minute that I have to capture families (some of them I’ve known for years) and to make sure that every picture I take means something. A frozen moment in time, a memory, a happy place. As parents we often want to freeze time and I actually have the power to do that for people. What a powerful superpower I’ve been given and it means so much to me to share this gift with you all.

Last weekend’s mini sessions were full of so many happy moments: Dancing on the levee, a smile I had to work too hard for, a stray cat that tagged along with a family, and watching a kid just be himself climbing trees. These are all memories for these families and happy memories for me too.

Blalack Mini Session-1-2







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