“I’m still tangled up in you…..” {Destination Wedding Photographer}

You’re the fire that warms me when I’m cold. You’re the hand I have to hold as I grow old. You’re the shore when I am lost at sea. You’re only thing that I like about me and in this world where nothing else is true, here I am still tangled up in you, I’m still tangled up in you…“~Staind

Last Saturday I had the honor of capturing Sara and Nick’s love story at their amazing southern wedding in Mississippi. I had such a great time getting to know them and their friends and family.  I had a hard time choosing the best images for the preview because there were so many. Their love for each other is infectious and each picture made me smile.

Let’s start with my favorites, the couple pictures!!!!

Lang Debow Wedding-395

Lang Debow Wedding-393


Lang Debow Wedding-369

Lang Debow Wedding-404

Lang Debow Wedding-402

Lang Debow Wedding-415


Lang Debow Wedding-28

Lang Debow Wedding-36

Lang Debow Wedding-52

Lang Debow Wedding-67

Lang Debow Wedding-71

Lang Debow Wedding-83

Lang Debow Wedding-94

Lang Debow Wedding-97

Lang Debow Wedding-106

The Ceremony!

Lang Debow Wedding-145

Lang Debow Wedding-162

Lang Debow Wedding-164

Lang Debow Wedding-207

Lang Debow Wedding-217

Lang Debow Wedding-246

Lang Debow Wedding-290

The Reception!

Lang Debow Wedding-1

Lang Debow Wedding-3

Lang Debow Wedding-417

Lang Debow Wedding-461

Lang Debow Wedding-458

Lang Debow Wedding-468



I wish you both a lifetime of happiness.

Lang Debow Wedding-391


Those who made this day possible:

  • Ceremony Location: First Methodist Church, Inverness, Mississippi
  • Reception Location: Heathman Plantation
    Bride’s Cake: The Pantry
  • Decor: The Pantry
  • Bouquets and Floral Arrangements: The Pantry
  • Alcohol: Celler’s, Greenwood, Mississippi
  • Reception Music: Style the Band



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