“I’m a Fool for You…..” {Mississippi Delta Wedding Photographer, Texas Wedding Photographer, Boho Wedding}

I will come and I will stand, and I will live my life beside you. I’m a proud, a proud woman (man), but all the same ,I’m just a fool, I’m a fool for you….”

~John Butler Trio, “Fool for You”

I’ve been waiting to post these images for far too long! Ginger and David were wed this weekend in the Mississippi Delta and it was such a joy to tell the story of two friends saying “I do.” Earlier this fall, I drove to Mississippi to do bridals with Ginger. We had a “come hell or high water” type session that almost was completely washed out.

We started at the wedding venue, Belmont Plantation,  under the sunniest skies. By the time Ginger changed into her dress, it was POURING. It was honestly the craziest thing that’s happened to me mid-session. A lot of times I would have rescheduled but when you drive 7+ hours for a session, that’s not an option so we made the most of it. At the end of the session, we ended up outrunning the storm to find a place on the Mississippi River levee and the results were STUNNING.

Congratulations Ginger and David!!! I can’t wait to share yesterdays wedding but for now, I’m excited to release these bridals to the world!







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