“You belong among the wildflowers…….” {Texas Same Sex Photographer, Bryan College Station LGBTQ Photographer}

“You belong among the wildflowers. You belong somewhere close to me,  Far away from your trouble and worries, you belong somewhere you feel free……”Tom Petty “Wildflowers”

Every time I meet a client for the first time they tell me “we are so awkward, we have no idea how you are going to make us look good.” Y’all, I’m the queen of awkward! I once swapped head shots with another photographer and in the middle of the session she was like “what are you doing?” I looked over and my hand had magically migrated up by my head. It was an out of body experience in which I was no longer in control of my own body. I understand the vulnerability that happens in front of a camera, I get that my clients are not paid models, I understand that it’s hard to relax in front of a stranger…… I’ve been there. 

I’ve never had a client walk away from a session without letting their guard down. Elizabeth and Lauren (and Lillie) are no exception. This little family stole my heart because they were so genuine and so kind. I had the best time hanging out with them in College Station, TX last month. 

It’s my job to make you feel comfortable, to make you love yourself and to make you see yourself how I see you. Everyone is beautiful, everyone has a story to tell and it’s my favorite part of my job to tell those stories.  That’s enough talking, just look at this gorgeous family! 

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