“This is my wish…..” {Mississippi Delta Children’s Photographer}

Hart Mini Session 2017 (4 of 9)

My wish, for you, is that this life becomes all that you want it to, Your dreams stay big, your worries stay small, You never need to carry more than you can hold, And while you’re out there getting where you’re getting to, I hope you know somebody loves you, and wants the same things too, Yeah, this, is my wish…….”~Rascal Flatts

Spring mini sessions are one of my favorite times of the year! I always do two dates and April’s sessions did not disappoint. In the past I’ve gone for bold and colorful but this year I went a different direction and incorporated natural elements which have become more my style lately. I can’t wait for next weekend for the second day of sessions! Thank you to all the families who continue to trust me to capture your stories.


“At last my love has come along………” {Mississippi Delta Wedding Photographer}


At last the skies above are blue. My heart was wrapped up in clover the night I looked at you. I found a dream, that I could speak to. A dream that I can call my own. I found a thrill to press my cheek to. A thrill that I have never known…..”~Etta James

You can learn a lot about people just based on who they surround themselves with. In this sense, I learned a lot about this bride and groom at their wedding. I’ve attended and covered more weddings than I can count over the years and I can honestly say with the exception of my own wedding and a few close friends’ I have never felt so at home and at ease as I did with Meredith and Richard’s friends. They were kind, they were friendly, and they were a blast to hang out with. I know for a fact that the Mississippi Delta is full of people like this and many of them have attended multiple weddings I’ve covered, but I think size of this wedding allowed me to interact with people more than I normally get to.  I truly enjoyed myself on Saturday and I’m so thankful for the opportunities I get with my job to meet awesome people.

Meredith and Richard’s wedding was held at a family member’s home. When I told people I was having a wedding at the “Turner Mansion in Belzoni” everyone knew what I was referring to except for me. They all ooo’ed and ahhh’ed when I told them but I had no clue until I got there that day and it lived up to every expectation I had. This house was absolutely stunning with it’s large yard and front porch with dreamy light. This wedding was a southern dream.

The details that went into the day were so beautiful.




First looks with the dad are really one of my favorite wedding moments.

Richard and Meredith chose to see each other before the wedding and it was the perfect first look.



Their wedding party were laid back and patient with me but boy were they happy when their pictures were done.



The ceremony took place in the front yard of the home.




The reception took place in the backyard. The trees around this property were stunning.





The garter got stuck in a tree on the first go round. I think most of the men would have left it there had the groom not knocked it back down for another shot.

The night got a lot more fun when the karaoke started and even the bride and groom got in on it.




DSC_8730Thank you Meredith and Richard for making me a part of your big day.  And a HUGE thanks to the following vendors for making this wedding picture perfect:

  • Wedding Planning & Flowers: Jobyna France
  • Suits: Goldberg’s
  • Bride’s Dress: Low’s Bridal and Formal Shop
  • DJ: Kevin James
  • Photobooth: Picture the Booth
  • Catering: Family
  • Cake: Kristi Smith
  • Church Pews, Doors & Chandeliers: Southern Bazaar

“Baby get ready……….” {Mississippi Lifestyle Photographer}


Lazy yellow moon comin’ up tonight shinin’ through the trees. Crickets are singin’ and lightning bugs are floatin’ on the breeze. Baby get ready….”~Nitty Gritty Dirty Band

What do you do when your work for the weekend get rescheduled? You go on an adventure! Last weekend we went on a spur of the moment camping and hiking trip. In another life, my husband and I used to pick up and go camping fairly often but since the birth of Maggie Mae we haven’t been able to do it as much for various reasons. One of my goals for 2017 is to make more memories for myself and to make time for the things that bring me joy. When Maggie Mae was 9 months old we took her hiking in Big Bend National Park and we had a blast. We bought the pack/carrier you see in these pictures and it hasn’t been touched since then. So when my husband suggested we use these two unexpected free days to go outdoors, I figured there was no time like the present.

With just one night to spare, we did not want to drive far but as everyone in the Mississippi Delta knows, there’s not much hiking around here. We saw a state park called Cane Creek on the Arkansas map that was about an hour and a half away so we decided to give that a try. It had everything we wanted and it was close enough that if the night was a total disaster we could pack up and come home. We all know that doing new things with toddlers can turn out really great or really awful. Turns out, camping with a toddler is pretty freakin awesome. Was it a lot of hassle? Yes. Was it a huge headache? Absolutely. Did I find myself annoyed more than I should have been? Of course. But man, she was so excited about the tent and being outside and so enamored all of the wonders of the outdoors that it made every annoyance worth it.

If you feel like you’ve lost yourself in your children and your day to day life there’s no time like the present to include your kids in the things you love and the things that make you happy. I promise it will be worth it in the end. And I really think the more often you do those things, the easier it’s going to get! Go find your adventure!!

“You’re never fully dressed without a smile…… {Mississippi Family Photographer}



“You’re never fully dressed without a smile….”~Annie

I can’t stress enough how special it is when clients include their older family members in their sessions. What an amazing way to preserve this time in your life for future generations. I always say that we do not take pictures for ourselves but for our children and their children and so on and so forth. These aren’t just nice things to hang on your walls, they are frozen moments in time and a very real and tangible memory to pass on. When this family asked if they could bring along a grandparent I was so excited.  I hope I was able to freeze this moment in time for Kirby and capture his elegant and kind great grandmother perfectly.

Happy half birthday Kirby, I can’t wait for the one year pictures!!!

“I hope you’re ready for a lifelong dance…..” {Mississippi Wedding and Engagement Photographer}


Airplanes, dancing and Jim’s Cafe…. does it get much better than that? Billy and Lacey’s engagement session was really one of my favorites (I think I say this every time because they just keep getting better and better). Lacey was full of life and enthusiasm and Billy truly humored us the whole afternoon. I’d say he’s a very patient man. I absolutely can not wait for their Spring wedding!

I want to give you something baby, something that shows. So close your eyes and give me your left hand. I hope you’re ready for a lifelong dance. I put it on ya, no I never thought twice. I leaned in and kissed you, wrapped you up so tight. I put it on ya, yeah I did, and it felt so right. ” ~Adam Doleac “I Put it on Ya”



“There’s no one like you……..” {Mississippi Wedding Photographer}


Ashley & Daniel were wed this past Saturday in Decatur, Mississippi at the groom’s parent’s home. It was the perfect backyard wedding and one heck of a party. I couldn’t wait to edit some of these candid shots from their reception. My personal favorite would be their wedding guest who loves cake and dancing so much he had to pair the two. He’s my spirit animal. Hope you enjoy these wedding highlights as much as I do!! Congratulations Mr & Mrs Marshall!!!!!!

There is no one like you. If there worlds in black and white your the only one in color. There’s is no one like you. It’s a mystery I’ve started, we should keep it all uncovered. You are the only one in color“~ Trapt “Only one in Color”



“Don’t mess with my brother and me…” {Mississippi Family Photographer}


“Don’t mess with my brother and me…..” ~Bruce Robison

The last time I worked with the Nokes family, their youngest son was a newborn. Needless to say, they have grown quite a bit since the last time I saw them!! I had a lot of fun working with these energetic kids and I hope their spirit shines through these images. Wish I could share more but it’s Christmas season! I still have a few slots left for Christmas pictures if you would like to book a session, contact me!


“You’re the reason I’m breathing……” {Mississippi Family Photographer}


Last weekend I met up with the Casavechia family on the banks of the Mighty Mississippi for their Christmas session. I wish I could share more from this session, but it’s Christmas card season so I can only show a sneak peek. This family is so special and every time I photograph them I try to convey it. I think I did this time. Happy Friday, y’all!

I’m trying desperately to memorize your words. They make me feel young.
They make me feel like I am the one.The one you’ve always needed.You’re the reason I’m breathing.” ~ Brandon Rhyder “Breathe”


“In a Mississippi Cotton Pickin Delta Town…….” {Mississippi Family Photographer}


It’s that time of year again, Christmas picture time!!! Which also happens to be my favorite time of the year but it’s also my most frustrating because I struggle between over sharing people’s Christmas pictures and hiding the best ones so that they will be unique and new on their cards. This is a short post because I’m only sharing the pictures that I THINK they won’t be using on their cards…..hope I’m guessing right!!! I want everyone to be able to send their cards out and have people go “wow, that’s a great picture!” not “meh, I’ve seen that all over the internet already!”

So here’s a peek at what I did hanging out with the Granberry family in the cotton a few days ago! They are recent transplants from North Carolina and we are sooo happy to have them here in the Delta! Oh and did I mention they are NC State fans? My husband is a HUGE NC State fan so we got along pretty well.

“In a Mississippi cotton pickin’ Delta town, one dusty street to walk up and down. Nothin’ much to see but a starvin’ hound in a Mississippi cotton pickin’ Delta town” ~Charlie Pride……….. outside of cotton this song really has nothing to do with these pictures BUT I love this song and I’ve wanted to use it for a long time!!!


“You’re as sweet as strawberry wine…..” {Mississippi Wedding Photographer}


This past Saturday Taylor and Chris said “I do” beneath a beautiful, sunny October sky. They were wed at the bride’s mom’s house on Lake Washington and the backdrop was perfect for their charming, southern wedding. These two basically had a destination wedding here in the delta and their friends and family came from near and far to share the day with them. I was honored to be a part of their big day and I couldn’t wait to surprise them with not one but two blog posts this week covering their big day! In case you missed it, we did some on location after wedding shots at the air strip (here) and they are to die for!!!! If you haven’t checked out those pictures yet, they are a MUST see.

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Campbell, it was an honor to meet you both and to work with you these past few months. I wish you all the happiness in the world.

I used to spend my nights out in a barroom liquor was the only love I’ve known. But you rescued me from reachin’ for the bottom and brought me back from being too far gone. You’re as smooth as Tennessee whiskey. You’re as sweet as strawberry wine. You’re as warm as a glass of brandy and honey, I stay stoned on your love all the time” as sung by Chris Stapleton (or George Jones if you prefer 🙂 )

Other local vendors:
DJ Services: Charlie Lum

Catering: Grandma’s Best